It's Flippin Easy: The All Encompassing Guide For Reselling

Kyle Senes
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Flipping retail items completely changed my life

Graduating Engineering school in May 2018, I would have NEVER thought those words would ever come out of my mouth. Yet here I am in April of 2021 selling full time on Amazon coming up on $400,000 in total sales across all flipping platforms in just over a year of doing this.

My name is Kyle Senes. For those of you who don't know me, I'm a 25 year old entrepreneur living in Phoenix Arizona. I started reselling various items when I was in high school, and things really took off when I started to take the business seriously when COVID-19 first hit the scene. I escaped my 9-5 with the reselling business, and my goal with this guide is to make that a possibility for you. Not saying you HAVE to, but the amount of income you can make in the business will surely make it POSSIBLE.

My cash cow is Amazon, but that's not where I started my journey. My first sale on Amazon was 9/27/2020, when I already had over $100,000 in flipping sales under my belt from eBay and Amazon combined. I've learned the ropes with all 3 platforms, and my goal with this guide is to make it so you can get started successfully on any & all of them with ease.


  • Flipping Basics - 1Hr 18Min video covering basic reselling terminology, business models, sourcing methods, shipping methods, & more
  • Local Flipping - 31Min video presentation with individual tutorials on product listing on the various local flipping platforms
  • eBay Flipping - 54Min video covering eBay basics & tips with individual tutorials on account registration, checking comps, and listing creation
  • All Things Amazon - 1Hr 52Min video covering ALL things related to Amazon selling with multiple accessory videos. This includes: Account setup tutorial, Seller Central dashboard tutorial, Keepa Guide presentation, FBM listing tutorial, and an Inventory Lab listing tutorial for FBA shipments
  • Amazon Ungating Guide - Complete ungating guide with instructions and distributors to use for ungating: Toys (Brands like LEGO, Star Wars, Jurassic World, Disney, etc), Topicals, Grocery, Baby, Beauty, & BIG clothing brands (Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Champion, Jordan, The North Face, etc)
  • Tips & Tricks - 42Min video explaining my personal flipping strategy combined with many tips and tricks that I've learned along the way on my journey. Bonus affiliate marketing content included in this presentation
  • Useful Links & Credentials - PDF document containing credentials for the FREE Brickseek Extreme membership, as well as product links and affiliate links mentioned throughout the guide

In total, there is almost 8 hours of video content that cover EVERYTHING I know about this game. I broke it down to you in an easy to understand way and I uncovered all my "secrets" to being able to do as large of numbers as I'm currently putting up. I work extremely hard so I'm not guaranteeing my results with this purchase by any means, but I know for a fact that if you utilize what I'm teaching you in this guide that these numbers are easily attainable. I'm a small fish in the reselling game, the possibilities are truly endless as you scale your business.


If you're just getting started reselling, or you're experienced and looking to take your business to the next level, this guide has it all for you. Hard work and consistency are not included with this guide, but if you can provide those 2 intangibles then the reselling business can reward you favorably.

  • Flipping Basics
    1 Hour 18 Min Video
  • Local Flipping
    31 Min Video
  • Picture Editing Tutorial
    2 Min Video
  • Offerup Listing Tutorial
    4 Min Video
  • FB Marketplace Listing Tutorial
    7 Min Video
  • Craigslist Listing Tutorial
    5 Min Video
  • eBay Flipping
    54 Min Video
  • eBay Account Registration
    1 Min Video
  • Checking eBay Comps
    2 Min Video
  • Expert eBay Listing Tutorial
    28 Min Video
  • All Things Amazon
    1 Hour 52 Min Video
  • Amazon Account Setup
    7 Min Video
  • Seller Central Dashboard
    4 Min Video
  • Keepa Guide
    29 Min Video
  • FBM Listing Tutorial
    2 Min Video
  • Inventory Lab PT 1
    22 Min Video
  • Inventory Lab PT 2
    7 Min Video
  • Amazon Ungating Guide
    22 Min Video
  • Tips & Tricks
    42 Min Video
  • Useful Links & Credentials
    Credentials, Product & Aff Links
  • Flipping Basics1 Hour 18 Min Video
  • Local Flipping31 Min Video
  • Picture Editing Tutorial2 Min Video
  • Offerup Listing Tutorial4 Min Video
  • FB Marketplace Listing Tutorial7 Min Video
  • Craigslist Listing Tutorial5 Min Video
  • eBay Flipping54 Min Video
  • eBay Account Registration1 Min Video
  • Checking eBay Comps2 Min Video
  • Expert eBay Listing Tutorial28 Min Video
  • All Things Amazon1 Hour 52 Min Video
  • Amazon Account Setup7 Min Video
  • Seller Central Dashboard4 Min Video
  • Keepa Guide29 Min Video
  • FBM Listing Tutorial2 Min Video
  • Inventory Lab PT 122 Min Video
  • Inventory Lab PT 27 Min Video
  • Amazon Ungating Guide22 Min Video
  • Tips & Tricks42 Min Video
  • Useful Links & CredentialsCredentials, Product & Aff Links


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It's Flippin Easy: The All Encompassing Guide For Reselling

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